Dr. Bob's Preposterous Piano Pages

Dr. Bob has worked with a long list of artists including:
George Harrison - Ringo Starr - Michael Jackson - James Taylor - Aaron Copland - Kenny Loggins - ZZ Top - Ray Charles - Willie Nelson - Barry Gordy Jr. - Jermaine Jackson - Allen Toussaint - Victor Feldman - Edgar Winter - Ed King (Strawberry Alarm Clock, Lynrd Skynrd) - Don Ellis Orchestra - Wakeman - Nightwork - Cosmo Watts - Shelby Dawson - Frank Jordan - Ronnie Montrose - Steven Halpern - Roland Cazimero - Wade Cambern (Hawaiian Style Band, Blue Canoe) - Edgy Lee - Gary Stockdale - The Lotions - The Blotus Bros. - The Covers - Chronicle - Rolando Sanchez - Back Home - Ensoniq Keyboards - Clinician - Honolulu Symphony Orchestra - Moog Music - Clinician - Department of Music, University of Hawaii - Sequential Circuits - Clinician - and more . . .

Dr. Bob has also scored many film, radio, and TV shows:
The Hawaiians: Reflecting Spirit - Life or Meth: Hawaii's Youth - ICE : Hawaii's Crystal Meth Epidemic - Tribute to Hawaii’s Firefighters - Waikiki: In the Wake of Dreams - Paniolo o Hawaii: Cowboys of the Far West - The Far Lands - The Levi Report - Rapanui - Throws of Death - Captives - Tibetan Book of the Dead - Sand - The Shape of Hawaii - Talking Shelter - Mirror of the New

Garlands for Dr. Bob
If you need a real pro, look no further – Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top
A genuine hit-maker – Edgar Winter
His music was a breath of freshness for this show . . . Los Angeles Times
He plays like everybody else put together – Wakeman
If Mancini were still with us, he’d have loved Dr. Bob – Victor Feldman
Dr. Bob’s music enhanced every film on which we collaborated
Edgy Lee, filmmaker
His approach is highly innovative - Robert Moog
Dr. Bob played for our wedding. He was fantastic! Really great!!
Sally and Byron Watanabe
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